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Fall Musical Cast

Story by: Emily Park

The William Chrisman Thespians kicked off the 2013-2014 school year with auditions for the annual fall musical production.

This year’s musical production will be Guys and Dolls.

“[In comparison to previous years] this musical is definitely much better,” said senior David Sampson who plays Sky Masterson. “[There’s] a lot more music with more showy tunes. It’s more like a Broadway show where in the past we’ve done fairy tales, it will be a lot more fun and it’s perfect for my senior year.”

Auditions for Guys and Dolls were held in early September.

“We had to read a piece and sing a song,” said senior Michael Tonga who was cast as Nathan Detroit. “I sang ‘For the Longest Time’ and then we had call backs and sang songs from the musical and had more reading.”

Junior Dakota Kinslow was cast as Nicely Nicely Johnson and worked hard for his audition.

“I practiced for two weeks singing ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’ from Guys and Dolls and working on my pitch,” said Kinslow.

Sister Sarah Brown will be played by sophomore Claire Cook.

“I went through a lot of songs and tried to see which one sounded the best, I was so excited to get the part,” said Cook.

The musical premiers on November 7th running through November 9th and with a little over a month to go, the chosen cast (see cast list below) is working as hard as they can to make this musical the best it can be.

“I’m looking at lines and practicing dancing, it’s pretty exciting,” said junior Allie Weston who plays Mimi a hot box performer.

The cast has gotten through blocking but still needs to finish memorizing lines, learn choreography, work with the pit orchestra, and finish making the set.

“I think this show is going to be really exciting,” said Tonga. “There’s a scene that could be really good but it could also be really crappy, but I think it’s going to be good, so come and watch.”

The cast wants everyone to come and see the show.

“Be there or be square,” said cast member David Sampson.


Guys and Dolls Cast


Sky = David Sampson                                      Sarah = Claire Cook

Nathan = Michael Tonga                               Adelaide = Malia Shelton

Nicely = Dakota Kinslow                               Benny = Tristen Wrinkle

Rusty = Ian Cobern                                         Harry the Horse = Jordan Ray

Angie the Ox = Gary Fortman                     Big Jule = Spencer Long

Society Max = Devin McGilllihan              Arvide = Nick Ferrell

Calvin = Nathan Carvito                                Agatha = Samantha Chance

Martha = Katie Cavanaugh                          Gen.Cartwright = Britany Hanks

Lt. Brannigan = Jesse Ewart

Mimi = Allie Weston, chorus girl in Scene 1, Havana Dancer

Allison = Shelby Bell, chorus girl in Scene 1, Havana Dancer

Ferguson = Alex Stutzman, chorus girl in Scene 1, Havana Dancer

Vernon = Adriana Tonga, chorus girl in Scene 1, Havana Dancer


Hot Box performers =

Melody Burns, Texan’s wife in scene 1

Rachel Gonzalez, Bobbie Soxer in scene 1

Amanda Hattem, Street Walker in scene 1, Havana Dancer

Lexie Ingram, Bobbie Soxer in scene 1

Rachel Ketchum, Bobbie Soxer in scene 1

Alexis Lorenz, Bobbie Soxer in scene

Jessica Lorenz, Street walker in scene 1

Sarah Myers, Street walker in scene 1

Izabella Scott, Street walker in scene 1


Gamblers =

Juan Banda: Havana Dancer, Sightseer

Will Gerow: Hot Box customer, Male paper doll vendor

AJ Gibson: Havana Dancer, Prize Fighter

Kevin Kendall: Waiter at Hot Box, NY Policeman, Havana Dancer

Ben Kettlewell: Hot Box customer, Pickpocket

Tim Paxton: Hot Box customer, Sightseer

Branden Smith: Hot Box customer, Sightseer

Austin Twenter: Prize fighter’s manager

Ryan Thompson: Joey Biltmore voice over Hotbox customer, Texan, Havana Dancer

Aaron Upton: Havana Dancer, Actor


Dolls =

Angel Edwards: Hot Box customer, Actress

Kelsey Newland: Hot Box customer, Elderly woman street vendor, drunk

Bailey Pierce: Hotbox MC, “Blind” person

Lauren Shirley: Hot Box customer, Photographer


Stage Managers =

Robyn Mitchell, Allison Gibson & Alexis Snell

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