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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

By Tattianna Anderson

When people think of something crazy that’s happened. Some think of resolutions and doing something different. Others probably just don’t think at all. Yeah that’s right were talking about New Year’s.

“No I don’t have a resolution. Normally I keep it for a month, then it’s like oh never mind,” said sophomore Ashley Johnson.

Junior Tianalexa Massie-Turner said, “My resolution this year is to work out more. Like take Zumba classes. On New Year’s Eve I am going to my boyfriend’s house and watch the ball drop

Yasmine Hora (sophomore) said “for my new year’s resolution I’m going to continue with my good grades. Try not to lie. And help out more for Haiti and the orphans there. Over break I’m going to spend more time with my family.”

Kayla Johnston (sophomore) said “I’m going to hang out with friends and sleep in.”

Now let’s take a moment back to the past and think of some crazy things that have happened to you on New Year’s Eve.

“Tianalexa Massie-Turner (junior) said “I remember going to my baby sitters house and her older friends were there and all they would talk about was boys. It was just an awkward situation.”

Kayla Johnston (sophomore) said “My dad had driven us to the ghetto and when the ball dropped on New Year’s people started shooting their guns.”

“Nothing has happened yet but it will soon,” Ashley Johnson (sophomore)

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